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Photos from Night Must Fall


Photos from rehearsals

At the end of every day ……


Night Must Fall



It’s frightening to think what a face can hide.


When Danny, the charismatic bell boy from the local hotel, arrives unexpectedly at Mrs Bramsom’s lonely and remote bungalow on the edge of an isolated forest, he soon worms his way into her life and affections and slowly attempts to seduce her comfortless niece, Olivia.


But when a local woman goes missing and is later found brutally murdered, rumours surface among the household and suspicion begins to point towards Danny.


Who really is this mysterious charmer?  Has the past finally caught up with him?  And does his battered hat box hold a sinister secret?


As the police close in …. is anyone safe?


Written by Emlyn Williams, Night Must Fall is a chilling, thought-provoking and often unsettling psychological thriller that has all the tension, atmosphere and suspicion to keep everyone on the edge of their seats from the explosive beginning to the shocking and terrifying ending.


The day is over.  The forest is all around – anything might happen.

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