List of Shows

1965             The Hollow

1966             Three’s Company

                     Sailor Beware

1967             Bonaventure

                     Book Of The Month

1968            Woman In A Dressing Gown

                    Came Down A Blackbird

                    Blythe Spirit

1969            I’ll Get My Man

                    Dear Brutus

1970            The Birthday Party

                    Boeing Boeing

                    Hedda Gabbler

1971            The Camel’s Back

                    Murder At Midnight

                    Rape Of The Belt

1972            Wait Until Dark

                    Trial And Error

                    A Letter From The General

1973            How’s The World Treating You

                    Spring And Port Wine

                    No Time For Fig Leaves

1974            Murder For The Asking

                    I Am A Camera

                    The Important Of Being Ernest

1975            Our Town

                    Don’t Start Without Me

                    Speaking Of Murder

1976            Alfie

                    Mummer’s Play

                    Doctor In The House

1977            The Day After The Fair

                    Home And Beauty

1978            The Paper Chain

                    Oh What A Lovely War

1979            Cat On The Fiddle

                    Jack The Ripper

1980            Crimes Of Passion

                    Bell Book And Candle

1981            Confusions


1982            Dick Whittington

                    Portrait Of Murder

1983            Happy As A Sandbag

                    The Enquiry

                    Habeas Corpus

1984            Hall Together Now

                    Miss Letitia

1985            Sweeney Todd

                    The Purging

                    The Real Inspector Hound

1986            The Skin Of Our Teeth

                    A Murder Is Announced

1987            Red Riding Hood

                    A Refined Evening Of Coarse Drama

                    When We Are Married

1988            Pack Of Lies

1989            Cinderella

                    On Monday Next

1990            Fosdyke Saga

                    A Time To Kill


1991           Three Plays In Search Of An Audience

1992           The Match Girls

                   A Christmas Carol

1993           The Chalk Garden

1994           Aladdin

                   Farndale Murder Mystery

                   The Ghost Train

1995           The Heiress

                   Three Hisses For Villainy

1996           A Christmas Carol

1997           Wizard Of Oz

                   Visiting Hours

1998           Twelfth Man

                   Farndale Haunted House

1999           Underneath The Arches

                   Edge Of Darkness

2000           Andy Capp

                   Murder In Play

2001           Pardon Me Prime Minister

                   Out Of Sight Out Of Murder

2002           Cabaret

                   A Brief Encounter With Noel Coward

2003           Cinderella

                   House Keeper Wanted

                   Last Tango In Little Grimley

2004           Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime

                   Run For Your Wife

2005           Aladdin

                   House Guest

2006           Allo Allo

                   Woman In White

2007           Dick Whittington

                   The Hollow

2008            A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

                    Blythe Spirit

2009            Wind In The Willows

                    Improbable Fiction

2010           The Railway Children

                  Dancing At Lughnasa

2011          The Flint Street Nativity

                  Five Blue Haired Ladies Sitting On A Green Park Bench

2012          Treasure Island

                  Daisy Pulls It Off

                 The 39 Steps

2013         Toms Midnight Garden


                 Last Tango In Little Grimley/ Coffee Break/ Strictly Come Sex Factor On Ice

2014         ‘Allo, ‘Allo

                 Lilies on the Land

2015         A Christmas Carol

                 Moon Over Buffalo

                 A Bite Size Supper

2016         One Man Two Guvnors

                 Murdered to Death

2017.        Curtain's Up

                 Peter Pan

2018         Journey's End

                  Love on the Beach

2019         Jack and the Beanstalk

                 Ladies' Day